Spyder Nest:

■ Spyder Nest, the ultimate solution to a multi-unit 3D Printing workstation. The robust aluminium T-slot frame provides strength and stability for decades of use.
■ A sleek integrated electrical system provides single point connection for all printers, lights and workstation. One cord rules them all.
■ Space-saver with an ergonomic design. Ample storage space conveniently located under the printers. An integrated prep table at standing height for easy access.
■ The Spyder NEST travels on wheels too!

Specification Dimension:

■ 100 inches (length) x 80 inches (height) x 26 inches (depth)

Package includes:

■ One Spyder Nest Frame Modular
■ Six Spyder A5S 3D Printer.

Spyder A5S 3D Printer Features

■ Full metal frame solid durability
■ Large build size: 12” X 12” X 12”
■ Black Diamond Glass Heated platform: Allows easy removal of the printed models
■ Gapless feeding system, load filament smoothly, print excellent models.
■ 2.8” HD Color Touch LCD Screen, provides a better 3D printing user experience.
■ Power Failure Protection: Resumed printing when power is back on.
■ Built-in Filament sensor, detects filament run out.
■ High print accuracy, quiet working, suitable for school & home.
■ All metal alloy nozzle

Product Sheet Product detail
Dimensions 100 × 26 × 80 in


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