Basswood is also known as American Basswood. It is a hardwood lumber that is very soft and lightweight. The coloring is uniform with pale white to light brown, it is difficult to distinguish between the sapwood and heartwood as they are not clearly defined, the boards have straight grain and minimal defects. Its main uses are for musical instruments, carvings, and indoor shutter components like louvers, Stiles, Rails & Tilt Rods

NOTE: We are happy to custom mill special size blocks for carvers seeking uncommon dimensions. Contact us with your request.


  • Select & Better Grade
  • Scientific Name: Tilia americana
  • Kiln Dried
  • Weight is approximately 2.25lbs per board foot


Basswood Lumber Characteristics


Basswood is plentiful with widths typically ranging from 4 inches to 10 inches or wider and common lengths between 8 to 12 foot.


Woodworking with basswood is very easy due to its softness, a favorite wood for wood carvers. It is especially easy to rip with good gluing, turning and finishing properties. The down side to its softness is that it has poor nail holding characteristics.


Easy to sand, glue & stain.

Dimensions N/A
Lumber Size

6” x 24”, 8” x 24”

Lumber Thickness

1/8", 1/4"


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